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For over 30 years, the Agency Allianz-Franck Haloche in Ernée, Northern France, has specialised in the field of insurance. With over 2,000 clients at the agency, around half of our clientele are of British origin.

The insurance services we can offer you

Due to the number of British clients, we are able to offer all our quotes in English. It is often appreciated and easier to understand as we know that the French language can be difficult. Whatever your nationality, we offer the same low price, quality service and excellent guarantees. Our team of bilingual specialists are always happy to help.

Our most popular range of products are Household insurance, Car insurance, Health Top-Up and Savings.

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We also offer insurance for your professional activities, professional buildings (workshops etc) and professional-public liability. If any of these interest you or you have any questions concerning them, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Furthermore, for our savings clients, Mr Haloche, the insurance agent, will personally come and help fill in your tax return documents for free.

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In France, you can now cancel your household or car insurance at any time using la LOI HAMON

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